If the shirt doesn’t fit, you don’t have to quit! Active members have 15 days to exchange their clothes for another size.


You have enough long term commitments! Your clothes don’t have to be another one. Cancel anytime after receiving the first box.

Size Chart

Big Big & Tall Neck Chest
XL XLT 17″-17 1/2 46″-48″
2XL 2XLT 18″-18 1/2 50″-52″
3XL 3XLT 19″-19 1/2 54″-56″
4XL 4XLT 20″-20 1/2 58″-60″
5XL 5XLT 21″-21 1/2 62″-64″
6XL 6XLT 22″-22 1/2 66″-68″

The gift of The Winston Box

Give the gift of The Winston Box


Give the gift of The Winston Box. The recipient will receive a monthly curated package based on their size, style profile and the current season. As recipients of this gift, shipping is free as well.

All international orders will be charged additional taxes and surcharges per month.

This is a digital gift card. Once the purchase has been completed, one of our team members will contact you to discuss possible ways to gift this membership.

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