Dressing Dapper: Fashion for Bigger Guys

There are lots of styles and types of fashion out there. And, certain styles and cuts fit certain body types better than others. In this article, we are going to focus on large men fashion, which includes big and tall as well slim and tall men’s clothing.

The first thing to know about fashion for large men is that shape is very important. In general, larger guys need to find clothes that even out and contrast their rounder shape with some straight lines and sharp angles. Below are a few stylish tips for big guys looking for suits:

When picking out a suit jacket, avoid ones with shawl lapels. These are the types of lapels most commonly seen on the dinner or tuxedo jacket. Why? Shawl lapels are quite round, and bigger guys look better in sharp angles. Peak and notch lapels, with their triangular collars, are much more flattering.

Also, try to make sure that the coat fits you well in the shoulders, chest and arms. If you are a guy with a bigger chest and a flatter stomach, structured suits would do well for you. They are looser around the chest compared to more fitted suits, but they still synch in a bit around the stomach area. For those with larger stomachs, look for a suit jacket with an American cut or sack fit. The almost straight-down form of this coat will create a flattering slimming effect.

When looking for suit pants, look for pants that get tighter around the narrowest points of your body. Overall, this will make for a more attractive and comfortable fit.


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When determining the best fit for your jacket, you also must consider your height. If you are a big and tall guy, you will want a longer jacket. If you are plus size and on the shorter side, make sure your jacket is not too long. The goal here is to contrast. Shorter jackets will make your legs look longer while longer jackets will make your legs look shorter.

Big and Tall Men’s Guide to Dressing Well

Dressing well is one of the first steps you can take in making a good first impression. And, while almost all men look good in well-fitting suits, there are a lot of other great style options that can help you make a good impression. One key to looking good in any style is the quality of the fit. And, sometimes, it can be a challenge to find quality, well-fitting large sizes for men. The following tips and tricks can help you achieve the perfect look with men’s large sizes:

Knowing Your Right Size

Like most people, your body size may change from time to time. With this, you must also change your wardrobe. The basic rule to having the best outfit is to choose clothes that are just right for your body size.  Clothing should not be too tight or too loose. Clothes that are either too tight or too loose can look sloppy and unflattering. So, you need clothes that are the right size for you, whether you are big and tall or slim and tall. To properly choose your size, you can measure your waist and use a men’s waist size chart conversion. For pants, you can use men’s size chart pants. Often, you can find these charts on the websites of online big and tall men’s retailers.


Aiming for the Perfect Fit

Another clothing fit tip is to purchase clothes that fit the biggest part of your body and then have the other parts altered to fit perfectly. Since nobody’s body parts are completely proportional, having your clothes altered is a great way to get the perfect fit. For instance, if you have a larger stomach, choose pants that fit your belly well and have the other parts tailored down. Or, if your chest is broad, make sure your shirts fit that part of you. Then, you can tailor the arms or other parts as needed. Although this may cost you more upfront, it is actually a good long-term investment.

Styles that Slim You Down

To look your best, also consider buying clothes that have body-flattering styles. One of the more flattering styles for big men is a vertical stripe. This simple pattern can give you a slimmer look, unlike horizontal stripes, which will make anyone look bigger. V-neck shirts are also quite flattering since they make the neckline look longer. Round necklines and turtlenecks should be avoided since they can make your neckline disappear. Polo shirts with angled-collars also can be a great choice for big men. Pants or jeans that have bottoms as wide as the thigh, known as straight-leg, also can make anyone, including big and tall men, appear thinner. As a general rule, pleats should be avoided.

Add a Bit of Sophistication

To complete your look, finding the right accessories is a last, but important step. Belts, wide ties, hats, and a stylish messenger bag can help you look more sophisticated and put together.

Remember to Shop Right

Apart from actually choosing the right clothing, finding a store that offers these types of clothes can be a challenge. There are several urban big and tall men’s clothing stores that offer a wide selection of affordable big and tall clothing. Some well-known stores include Sears and King Size Direct. You also may want to check out some newer online retailers, such as TheWinstonBox.com, where you can find both trendy and classic big and tall styles.

Making the Right Choice

With these tips, you can dress for success, comfort and style. No matter your body type, knowing what fits you best is a key to dressing well. With that knowledge, you are armed to go out or online to your favorite big and tall men’s clothing store and find the styles that work best for you. Just remember, well-fitting clothes help make a well-dressed man.