Top sizes to 6XLT. Waists to 64”

The Winston Box

The Winston Box

Curated Garments for the Corpulent Gentleman

Sample Looks


The CASUAL collection is for the ultimate jeans and t-shirt guy. He likes unfussy clothing and you will frequently find him in activewear because he prizes comfort above all else, whether he is going to the local home improvement store or catching a ballgame.


The CLASSIC collection is for the man looking for a modern twist on preppy clothing. He needs a versatile wardrobe that can go from casual Friday to happy hour after work.


The TRENDY collection is for the man who keeps up with the latest fashion trends. He loves to socialize and documents his exploits on social media. He knows that the rules for big and tall men are being rewritten and is looking for a brand willing to say #EffYourBeautyStandards.


The MIXED collection is perfect for the man who is open to trying new looks and styles he wouldn’t have bought on his own. This collection is about expanding both comfort zones and wardrobes. Choose Mix if you are unsure what to get, you can always change your style profile at any time.

Size Chart

Big Big & Tall Neck Chest
XL XLT 17"-17 1/2" 46"-48"
2XL 2XLT 18"-18 1/2" 50"-52"
3XL 3XLT 19"-19 1/2" 54"-56"
4XL 4XLT 20"-20 1/2" 58"-60"
5XL 5XLT 21"-21 1/2" 62"-64"
6XL 6XLT 22"-22 1/2" 66"-68"
Curated Garments for the Corpulent Gentleman