It has long been the myth that if you are a plus size male you needn’t dress well; therefore, finding clothes or style inspiration has proven to be more difficult than finding a Vegan at the Golden Corral.

A simple Google search or Tumblr search for inspiration on men’s style, fashion inspiration, or lookbooks for a given manufacturer of clothing only turns up photos of gaunt 20 somethings who apparently do not know how to smile. It’s no wonder they don’t smile, it doesn’t look like they have ever let themselves indulge in a saucy rack of ribs in the last decade. We all know BBQ brings a smile to everyone! These guys just have a Tic Tac and a Perrier feel full and satisfied. I mean really, look at this guy below! Someone get him some food STAT!

Well if you are like me you want to have your cake and eat it too….and look damn fine doing it. But from where do you draw your inspiration for your look? Who has gone before you and dressed in a manner that is flattering to the corpulent gentleman. And must it always be custom tailored? WE THINK NOT!

What follows is a list and pictorial of 50 Big and Tall – fashionable men…men who are world leaders, politicians, artists, and musicians even men of a certain “notoriety”.  These are all men who are certainly “well upholstered” and looked fine.


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