Blakely C
Fort Worth, TX
4XLT and 44 Waist


I understand you recently visited our new warehouse and showroom in Fort Worth. Tell us about your experience
I was very impressed with the showroom. It was large enough to see the clothes and try them on. There were also places for guests to come and sit with you. While I appreciate the suggestions and help from the staff it is nice to have my wife join me and help pick out clothes.


How did you hear about The Winston Box?
Back in January 2021 it showed up on my timeline on Facebook. After reviewing the information about The Winston Box I wanted to give you a try. I am a creature of habit and get into a clothes “rut.” The Winston Box allows me to adjust my clothes and work new styles into my everyday wear.


You’ve been a monthly subscriber since February 2021. What are some of the reasons you enjoy our service?
I appreciate that I get clothes that I would not normally pick out for myself. I am a guy who has his favorite clothes and sticks with those. Getting your clothes pushes me outside my “normal” cycle and allows me to wear clothes that look good on me and are fashionable. I also like the variety of clothes I get. One box had a full outfit in it while others have had shirts and a jacket to wear. This allows me to integrate the clothes into my wardrobe throughout the year.


Tell us about a favorite piece you have received from us and how you have incorporated it into your wardrobe.
Right before the winter here in Texas (it’s not too bad here) the box I received had a long sleeve shirt and a sleeveless jacket. We normally do not need heavy duty winter clothes here, so this combo worked great for me. I wore it on a date with my now wife (we were dating at that point) and she commented that the outfit looked great on me.


You live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, where you will find some national chains that cater to big and tall sizes. When it comes to value, how do The Winston Box compare with some of the big and tall stores you have visited?
There are several large stores here in Texas for big and tall men, but the quality, fit, and style from The Winston Box outweigh them. I need someone to help me with style and good quality clothes. The boxes I get allow me to wear fashionable clothes and they fit perfect. Also, as I lose weight (or even put it on), I can change my sizes online and my future clothes fit with me.


There is someone reading this right now who has limited access to big & tall clothing but is not too sure about joining a subscription service. What would you tell that person?
I would tell them don’t stay in your comfort lane. Try the service. You tell The Winston Box what you want, need, and your comfort level with fashion. They then send you clothes that fit into those parameters. This allows you to get clothes that you would not normally buy for yourself. I am the worst about wearing the same thing over and over again. This service is great for me. I get clothes that look great, and I can incorporate them into my closet with no issues at all.


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