Steven K
Plano Texas
Project Coordinator
4XL and 48 Waist


I understand you recently visited our new warehouse and showroom in Fort Worth. Tell us about your experience
It was really nice. The showroom area is great with all the clothes to look at so you can find the things you have received and also some of the things you didn’t so you can be jealous of those who did!. Will was a charming and gracious host who took excellent care of me and my wife.


How did you hear about The Winston Box?
My wife Jennifer signed me up in 2021 to help add new clothing to my closet because shopping in stores is really not my thing.


You’ve been a monthly subscriber since November 2021. What are some of the reasons you enjoy our service?
It has been really fun to anticipate the next box to see what you are going to get! The ease of getting new clothes to wear is also really nice.


Tell us about a favorite piece you have received from us and how you have incorporated it into your wardrobe.
The black fleece-lined hooded cardigan I use almost daily in the office to keep warm in a cold office without being too hot. The waffle hoodie is one of my go-to shirts when it’s cooler outside. Really, there hasn’t been a dud in everything I’ve been sent!!


You live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, where you will find some national chains that cater to big and tall sizes. When it comes to value, how do The Winston Box compare with some of the big and tall stores you have visited?
The value is great! Not having to wait for sales and coupons to arrive so you can afford a couple of things from a big and tall store is fantastic. When you take into account the fact that the Winston Box saves you time and ships directly to your door, it’s hard not to see the awesome value!


There is someone reading this right now who has limited access to big & tall clothing but is not too sure about joining a subscription service. What would you tell that person?
I’m 55, so forget the excuse of being “too old”. I receive more compliments on my clothing now than ever before. The clothes fit like they are supposed to and look really good on you. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone that this is just too good to pass on and to give it a try. I for one have no regrets and will continue to be a loyal client of The Winston Box!


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